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About Erie and Anchor


Erie and Anchor is a lifestyle brand designed for all those who love, live and play on Lake Erie. We provide classic, well designed nautical products to share our love for the lake. It started as a passion project for mother and entrepreneur Micah Roberts. Micah grew up enjoying all things Lake Erie - boating, fishing and spending time at the beach with family and friends. Micah combined her talent for giving unique and practical gifts with her love of Lake Erie to create the company. With a strong focus on giving back, Erie and Anchor gives the Lake Erie community what it wants and the lake what it needs.


“What makes us different is the quality of items and our ability to give back.
We are
researching ways to clean up Lake Erie with every purchase.”

Our Impact

Erie & Anchor gives back to the lake through research and funding. We understand the science behind water conditions and what will happen if things don’t change. With that in mind, we partner with environmentally conscious organizations that help keep Lake Erie clean.

As a family brand, we know the positive impact a few individuals can have on a community. When you purchase Erie & Anchor products, five percent of total sale goes towards research and initiatives that will protect and save the lake from further damage. Let’s take care of Lake Erie together so our children and grandchildren can enjoy the lake for years to come.