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The Story Behind Erie and Anchor

by Micah Roberts |

Micah Roberts, Founder, Erie and AnchorHow I fell in love with Lake Erie…Growing up, some of my favorite times were at the lake. My memories are filled with quick family trips to Put in Bay, riding golf carts around the island, and long days on the North Coast enjoying rides with siblings and friends at Cedar Point. Each day is ingrained in my mind forever. I can vividly recall riding up in the Needle and looking out to see the incredible coast. That was the beginning of my admiration for Lake Erie. I loved spending time at the lake so much that when I turned 16, I moved to South Bass Island. I lived with a local family and spent the summer working at the Boardwalk shop and restaurants bussing tables at the Crew’s Nest. Many nights, I sat in the rocking chairs on their front porch taking in the island life.

Years later…

My husband and I got married in the Lake Erie Islands. He had fond childhood memories of the area too, with summers spent on his family’s boat in and around Sandusky. For both of us, the lake waters felt like home. We will always remember our Put in Bay wedding weekend with family and friends enjoying the best the island had to offer.

Today there is nothing I enjoy more than spending time with family on the lake. From beach picnics and skipping rocks, to perch fishing on my in-laws’ boat, these times are near and dear to me. I want our children to grow up with the same love and appreciation for the lake that we have.

My company, Erie and Anchor, was born out of this joy. “Erie” is for our Great Lake and “Anchor” represents my family - two of the things that make my life what it is today. Through this company, I hope to share nautical apparel and gift ideas that support our love for the lake and the family behind the brand. Our goal is to offer a local lifestyle brand that gives 5% of all sales back so you can feel good about shopping local and keeping our Great Lake clean for generations to come.

What is to come…

This blog exists to bring you quality products, travel ideas for the North Coast, and news about some other amazing local brands. I cannot wait to share more in the months and years to come. Join to become an insider and be the first to hear about exciting product launches, discounts, and Lake Erie adventures!


Thank you for going on this journey with me